Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Del Shannon - I Think I Love You

From his 1968 album The Further Adventures of Charles Westover:

5 notes, b/c I'm on my way out the door right now...

1. This was designed to be the psych-influenced comeback of Del Shannon, who is famous for his early 1960's hits, most particularly the brilliant single "Runaway". And one might think such an attempt would be wince-worthy, but the album is quite good.

2. Charles Westhover is his birthname.

3. I think listening to this and Runaway back to back makes for an interesting experience. What it reminds me of is that even simple songs have to have a bunch of ideas in them. You see attention to that on Runaway, which in about 2 minutes delivers the listener a whole host of little delights -- and there's a way in which that really serves Del Shannon in the psych genre.

4. The sound of this reminds me of a bunch of stuff that was current at the time, but particularly of French chamber pop like Gerard Manset's album of that same year.

5. Does anyone hear a little Neil Young in there? In the vocal delivery? Am I crazy?

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